Enabling Multi-Protocol Interoperability, Scalability, Security, and Privacy for the Internet of Things


UDG Alliance is a non-for profit organization gathering several research partners engaged in the development of the Universal Device Gateway (UDG) control and monitoring system.

The UDG control and monitoring framework enables multi-protocol interoperability and integration for the Internet of Things, as well as large scale IoT deployment, integration and management. It encompasses over 50 communication protocols and has been used by several research projects.

The UDG Alliance coordinates and supports the continuous development of the framework. By mutualizing their respective developments, the members contribute to make the framework evolve, while maintaining it consistent and stable. The UDG Alliance is also engaged in research projects, such as Synchronicity, the European Large Scale Pilot on Internet of Things for Smart Cities.

The UDG Alliance aims to :

Support research activities

Maintain a consistent and updated UDG framework made available to research projects of its members

Coordinate and mutualize the further development of the UDG framework

Promote the interoperability in the Internet of Things and the use of technology for sustainable development

About UDG

The UDG control and monitoring framework enables multi-protocol interoperability and integration for the Internet of Things, as well as large scale IoT deployment, integration and management. It encompasses over 50 communication protocols and has been used by several international research projects.

Its main characteristics are :

Interoperability enablers for multi-protocol, multi-systems, and cross-domains integration

Control and Monitoring system with high scalability and portability capacities

Cloud, web services, and applications integration

IPv6, CoAP and M2M proxy for multi-protocol and legacy systems integration

Automation and intelligence distribution

Energy efficiency, comfort, safety, and security optimization

Energy metering and smart grid demand response solutions

Audio monitoring and events recognition

UDG mission is to enable a global, user friendly and reliable Internet of Things, and to make things work for you!


SynchroniCity is the European Large Scale Pilot on the Internet of Things for Smart Cities. It brings together 34 partners from 11 countries, including 11 cities from 3 continents: Milano, Helsinki, Manchester, Santander, Eindhoven, Porto, Antwerpen, Carouge, Portland (US), Seongnam (Korea), and Leon (Mexico). It is in charge of developing open reference architecture and an ecosystem for IoT-enabled smart city solutions.

UDG Alliance is in charge of :

Providing guidance and architecture of heterogeneous IoT integration

Building smart city platform and applications for the City of Carouge in Switzerland

The privacy by design integration of the City of Carouge within SynchroniCity framework

Development of the IoT Product marketplace

It will also contribute to integrate together the Open and Agile Smart Cities alliance, FIWARE, and the Urban Platform of EIP-SCC into an interoperable framework. Actively engaged in standardization processes (ITU, ETSI, IEEE, OMA, IETF, etc.), Synchronicity will also establish the basis of an integrated digital market for smart cities.

The Synchronicity project is supported by the European Commission and the Swiss Ministry for Education and Research.

With strong expertise of FIWARE technologies, UDG Alliance is a FIWARE iHub for Western Switzerland

A FIWARE iHub is the center for the adoption of open source FIWARE platform technology among businesses in a given region. As the Western Switzerland FIWARE iHub, UDG Alliance offers a number of services to companies who want to become more competitive in the digital economy

Technology and consulting support, training, research and testing by using FIWARE technology

Individual coaching of startup and SMEs

Support on certification process for Powered by FIWARE applications and FIWARE IoT Ready applications

Market information and organization of events to spread FIWARE technologies

In addition, Universal Device Gateway (UDG) is a certified FIWARE-Ready IoT Device and Service that supports seamless integration with FIWARE components both on IoT southbound and northbound.

If you need technical support on FIWARE technology or any detail information on UDG, please contact us via admin@udgalliance.org.

Other UDG Projects


European research project on cyber-security developing a holistic model of trust and security based on IoT and Cloud architectures

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5G ! Pagoda

Joint research project between Europe and Japan to develop 5G technology for future mobile networks

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European research project developing online interoperability and performance testing tools for the Internet of Things

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IoT Lab

IoT Lab is a European Research project exploring the potential of crowd sourcing in the Internet of Things and for research labs

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European research project exploring the potential of IPv6 to improve energy efficiency and building automation, with a particular focus on wireless sensor networks



European research project on the future Internet of Things. It aims at exploiting the potential of IPv6 and related standards (6LoWPAN, CORE, COAP, etc.) to overcome current shortcomings and fragmentation of the Internet of Things


European Research project exploring the potential of audio sensing to improve emergency detection and energy efficiency in green buildings and smart cities, including the smart city of Santanders in Spain


Turn It IPv6

Turn It IPv6 was launched to support the IPv6 day. It is a public website enabling on-line direct interactions with devices using non-IP communication protocols, such as Zigbee sensors, KNX valves and X10 actuators

Technical Support

Support for the deployment and management of the UDG framework is provided by Device Gateway SA, based at the EPFL.

Device Gateway is one of the founding partners of UDG Alliance and is a company actively engaged in ICT research and development. It covers a large set of application domains, including smart cities, smart buildings, smart offices, smart homes, industrial plants, energy saving, smart grid demand response management, agriculture and environmental monitoring, safety and security, smart environment for elders and people with disabilities, as well as OEM solutions. It is active in application domains such as smart environments, energy efficiency, safety, comfort, and user interactions,- while ensuring security, privacy, and data ownership.

More on Device Gateway at: www.devicegateway.com